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I saw this tweet from the ‘Ultimate Macfarlane’ Twitter. It’s mentioning some news and when I went to their site, they have a link to an interview he just did and was posted on 7/26/2014. (Article link) The article talks about ‘The Memory Book’, a Hallmark movie that just aired of his and then about his new role in Killjoys, as well as a brief mention of ‘The Night Shift’. This is what the article and a quote from Luke said: 

Macfarlane had a one-and-done episode earlier this month on The Night Shift, which was just renewed for NBC. He said there are no official plans for him to return, but he’d love to go back. “I got a very nice e-mail from the producer politely poking about,” he shares. “It depends on when they shoot it and the NBC Universal family. I had a blast with that show. I was very pleased that it found an audience.”

I really hope he’s able to return to The Night Shift. I fell in love with Rick and his relationship with Drew (I love Brendan and Luke!). i completely understand scheduling and I imagine nothing was planned for him to come back for a second season, because when the show was filmed, it hadn’t aired and no one knew if it would have a second season. Now that it’s been renewed, I’m sure the writers are looking at what storylines they can work on and with Luke beginning to film Killjoys in August, I hope they’re able to work a way to bring him back, even for just a few episodes.

I’ve only recently become a fan of Luke’s. I admit I only learned of him when I heard he’d be playing Rick in The Night Shift, but since then I’ve marathoned the complete series of ‘Brothers and Sisters’ and love his character there. I’m looking forward to Killjoys. I missed the premiere of The Memory Book, but I’ll catch it later this week when it’s on. I hear it was a pretty good movie. Luke’s adorable, so I’m sure it will be great!

I’m definitely happy Luke’s career is flourishing, I look forward to seeing what’s next for him, but I do hope he’s able to return to The Night Shift. I’d love to see more Rick and this Drewick shipper would definitely love to see them together.

Thought I’d share this, since I’m not sure if anyone saw the article. Please don’t send me hate. I’m happy for Luke’s continued success, but I just hope he can come back as Rick on The Night Shift.

"you’re supposed to be better than that"

Just heard Luke has joined the cast of a new show, Killjoys (news link here… I was fine with the article until I read the last line… As soon as any The Night Shift fan read it, you’ll get what irked me about it…) The show starts filming in August and will air in 2015…

I’m super happy Luke has a new series! (So please don’t send me hate for being worried about his character in another show) Killjoys definitely sounds like a show I’ll be watching, but what about Rick and The Night Shift? I don’t think we’ve heard when season 2 is going to start filming again, but should we be worried about Rick? I’ve heard that he will be back to The Night Shift in season 2, but nothing has been said about when or for how many episodes. I get The Night Shift focuses on the ER staff, but with more episodes next season, I’m hoping we get to see more of the characters’ personal lives, like Drew and Rick together. I hope there are no scheduling conflicts for filming of the shows, because I’m looking forward to Luke being a lead in another show and I really want him to continue to be in The Night Shift. I also don’t want Luke overworked trying to balance them, either.

YAY! I did it! I finally got a chapter ready to post! Here it is! Hope everyone enjoys! Is this the first Drewick fic posted?

Chapter 1 Links: FanFiction.net or LiveJournal
Summary: Drew and Rick’s happy reunion is ruined when an accident puts Rick’s life in danger. Drew comes out to support the man he loves. Rick’s faced with a permanent physical change, but knows he’s not alone, because he and Drew have always been and always will be… stronger together. (M/M fic - don’t read if you don’t like!) (Spoilers up to ‘The Night Shift’ episode 1x08 - ‘Save Me’)
Author: Sapphire (SapphiresFic (LJ) / SapphireEJ (FF/DW/AO3) / EJ8302 (Tumblr/Twitter))
Rating: PG-13
Warning: This story involves a character with a leg amputation.
Disclaimer: I don’t own The Night Shift, so I’m just borrowing the characters and ideas for the fun of writing, *but* I do own the original characters, original plot and other original ideas.


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Just got an email. It’s ‘Night Shift, 2014’ on FF.net!

I emailed them a few weeks ago asking for one and I just got the reply that they’d done it… They listed all the characters, but they didn’t add Rick, so I’ve asked them to add him, but finally a tag for our fan fiction! I see a Drewick post from me coming soon! :D

I just realized that the new ‘Step Up’ move that comes out later this summer is called ‘Step Up All In’, and the Drewick tag is empty (as pointed out by theres-a-rumor).

As mentioned by overtheedgeofthemoon and I agree, the ship names should be decided by the fans, not the actors.

Also, as reminded by tylrhoechlns, and I should have remembered it from other fandoms I’m in, the actors shouldn’t be involved in the ‘ships’, so I won’t be tweeting the cast about the options of the ship names.

With all that said, I think we should use Drewick. Even though I love Allin, with too many things filling up the tag and a new movie by that name, it’s gonna be full and we’ll lose our Drew/Rick posts with all the other things in there.

How does everyone feel about Drewick?

tylrhoechlns answered your post: Hey, Drew/Rick fans!

i think maybe keeping all the shipping away from the actors.

Agreed. I forgot about that aspect. I should have remembered that from other fandoms I’m involved in.

theres-a-rumor answered your post: Hey, Drew/Rick fans!

I like the sound of Allin but Drewick tag is quite empty and available for us to start fresh.

I understand what you mean and I’m leaning more towards Drewick now, too, because a new movie comes out in a few weeks called ‘Step Up All In’.

overtheedgeofthemoon replied to your post: Hey, Drew/Rick fans!

The shipping should be decided by fans. Not actors. But that’s just my opinion!!!! :)

You are right. I completely agree. :)

Some of us have been trying to figure out what name we’d like to use as their ship name. (Some posts: link 1, link 2, link 3, link 4, link 5)

I’ve seen a lot of options and most people support ‘Allin’, for various reasons. Another one that’s popped up is ‘Drewick’.

With a past mention of it and a suggestion from deityguardian, I’m thinking about tweeting Brendan to see what he thinks (and maybe see if he’ll pick which one he likes better.). My tweets to many of the cast members have been known to get ‘favorites’ or even responses, and with the season finale less than 24 hours away in the US, I imagine they’ll all be on Twitter, before, during and after the episode airs. Also, I’m not making any promises. They may not respond, but it’s worth a try.

I’m partial to Allin, as are many of you and some of my friends not on Tumblr, but I do understand with tag issues, it may be hard to find Drew/Rick posts in the ‘Allin’ tag, because of all the sports stuff in it right now. Because of this, I am open to Drewick…

I’d like to tweet them sometime before the show airs, if possible, but I’d like some thoughts before I do. Are you all okay with me tweeting Brendan (and some of the other cast members/writers) the two options mentioned here to get their picks, so we can finally have a ship name for Drew/Rick?

deityguardian answered your post: Okay Drew/Rick fans… Can we pick a s…

May be you shoud ask Brendan to choose between Allin and Drewick. But for me Allin is too girly. But will accept if Allin have been choose.

You make a good point and I’d be happy to tweet either option to Brendan and see if he answers me back.

poisonousdame answered your post: Okay Drew/Rick fans… Can we pick a s…

I LOVE THIS NAME!! It would be so awesome if the cast approved too!! I want to read Allin fanfic soooo bad!

Awesome!!! I love it, too!!! I’d be happy to tweet Brendan and a few other cast members, who seem to ‘favorite’ tweets I send them, so they see them, but I’d like to have a set idea on a name. I’d hate for them to support a name and then we (the fans) not like it later.

I really think that ‘Allin’ is the best fit. We get ‘Al’ from Alister, ‘lin’ from Lincoln, it’s common in the military for people to call their buddies by their last names, so it’s cool that both parts of the name are from their last names, they’re all in to their relationship, we’re all in, it’s easy to say and many people like it. The only drawback is right now the ‘allin’ tag on Tumblr has a lot of Adidas and sports stuff in it, as someone pointed out to me in an earlier message, so I’m concerned about that. Is that something we should worry about? I think if we, the fans, start using it as their ship name and tag our posts with it, they would begin to fill up that tag, too.

As for fan fiction :D I’m definitely working on one. My dad lost his leg last year due to infection, so I have first-hand knowledge of what it’s like to lose a limb and all the things to deal with, so I hope I can use my experience to help the story along.

overtheedgeofthemoon replied to your post: Okay Drew/Rick fans… Can we pick a s…

Will you post the link to the fan fic story here? I am so happy to hear that you have written like 50 pages. That’s wonderful. Keep writing because we will probably have to wait a whole year until next summer to see the next season. You are awesome!!

Thank you! Yes, I will definitely post a link to the story here. :D

I usually post my fan fiction on my LiveJournal and on my FanFiction.net account. Since FF.net doesn’t have a category for it yet, I will probably post it on my LJ account and maybe under ‘Misc. TV Shows’ on FF.net until ‘The Night Shift’ has it’s own category on there.

You’re probably right about the new season being next summer. Not looking forward to waiting so long, but I hear we’re getting 14 episodes, so that will be great! Hopefully we have some more Drew/Rick in it!

From this post - I vote Allin! So does innvisible-girllethal-desires and a friend of mine who isn’t on Tumblr. So that’s 4 votes…

poisonousdame is interested in the same thing (finding a ship name) and this is their post with suggestions.

I’d really love a ship name before I get ready to post this story… I already have a 50 page Drew/Rick story written… My dad lost his leg last year due to infection, so I can relate to what they’ll be dealing with.

Edited to add: I seem to have a good Twitter connection to the gal who plays Krista (Jeananne Goossen) and Brendan Fehr (Drew) has been known to favorite a few of my tweets, so if we’d like to go with Allin, I’d be happy to tweet them about it and see what they think!

I just truly think Allin makes sense, as does several of us. It can been seen as the guys are ‘all in’ with their relationship, which I believe they are, and as fans, we’re ‘all in’ to their relationship, too! Though, when I say it out loud, it sounds more like the name ‘Alan’, which I guess that depends on how people say those words, but y’all get the idea! I’m excited for us to pick a name!